Summary of Overall Content

Congratulations for completing all of the units in this course. We hope you have enjoyed working through it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Let’s take a few minutes to summarize some of the key concepts you have learned.

  1. You have learned how to develop a new brand for a product, service or company. A brand is your company image, personality, and face to the world.

  2. You have learned how to secure the name, web domain and trademark for your new brand. These steps can significantly increase the value of your company.

  3. You have learned how to create and use low cost strategies for getting your new brand into the market, which will keep your startup costs down.

  4. You’ve learned that social media can be a great low-cost tool for launching and growing a new brand, but it has to be used by your prospective customers.

  5. You have learned a number of effective selling practices that will help you generate early sales and cash flow – it’s all about building relationships.

  6. You have learned how to build a community of raving fans by exceeding expectations and including customers in the development of your company.

  7. You have learned that serving the broader community in which you operate is a great way to build your brand, and it has real value for your team members and your organization.

  8. Finally, you have learned how to use all of the concepts taught in this course to create an effective integrated marketing strategy for your new organization.

As you implement the practices taught in this course, your chances of launching and growing a successful company will go up significantly. I wish you the very best with any new opportunity you choose to pursue.

Now, to complete this course, you need to take the final assessment that follows. You also need to submit the written paper you have been working on during the course. Please do not hesitate to contact your instructor if you have any questions.