Check Writing and Printing

In the last section, we talked about making payments to vendors. In order to complete that process, a check must be issued to the vendor. In our example, we wrote a check to Tennessee Tent Co., but the check has not been physically issued.

There are several ways to find a pre-written check:

  1. You can access these checks by looking at “Use Register” under the Banking tab at the top. Find the check number that you need to access and double click on that line. It will bring you to the check screen. From here you can print the check or make any edits that you may need.

  2. You can also find checks by clicking on the “Write Checks” option under Banking. It will bring up a blank check. From here you can find the check that you are looking for by either hitting the back arrow or selecting find.

  3. The back arrow will take you through each check in the register by date. The find option will open a new window.

    This allows you to put in the payee, date, number, amount, or a combination of those items to find the check that you are looking for. The more advanced searching option allows you to filter by other details, such as email address, state, or vendor type. Generally, the basic search should quickly help you find the check that you are looking for.

  4. Use the icon with “Print Checks” on it. This is found on the Home screen. It looks like this:

This will open up a list of checks that were marked “To Be Printed” during the bill payment process. You can then select the checks and print them from that screen by choosing OK.

Once the checks are printed, they can be sent off to the vendor.

Writing a New Check

A new check can be written without having a bill associated with it. Be sure to consult any company policies before writing a check that does not have a bill. This can be done by clicking on “Write Checks” under Banking. From here you enter the name of the payee, the date, and the expense or items associated with the check. Typically, you would already have a bill associated with the check if it were paying off items. If you are paying for a service, you would choose an account under the “Expenses” section and apply an appropriate amount to it. Once you have done this, you can print the check now, or you can choose to print later by clicking the check box at the top of the screen.

Credit Card

If you are charging a credit card instead of writing checks, this can be done by selecting “Enter Credit Card Charges” under the Banking heading. It is a simple input screen, very similar to ones that we have already discussed:

This charge is accrued to the credit card, which keeps the liability off the accounts payable account. You will need to make a payment to the credit card company to remove that liability. The credit card will be reconciled to match statements, just like a bank account.

The following quiz will help check your understanding of writing checks and charging to a credit card:

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